What’s Flickers? (3 pictures)

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Brushstrokes/golpesdepincel - Francisco Rojas
Time - Ben Creech
Gotas de miel y cuágulos de sangre – Jordi Perez 
Expectations - Joshua Headley
Doble placer verde - Ani Katamadze
All the Best – MLP
Volitantes - Andy DeAngelo
Bailey’s Beads – Johnny Clyde
Secrets – Skyler Hagner
Possession to Nature – Jimin Hong

Our first Dutch Flickers edition was one to remember.
Lab-1 helped house 2 filmmakers, 1 DJ, 2 VJ’s, and just over a hundred enthusiastic audience members. Together we listened to Jimin Hong talk about the experiment, we watched 10 amazing short films, danced to the beats of Joeri, and were treated by a visual experience by Justin and Luuk. We may even have been the subject of Daniel Zander’s next 16mm film.

Besides the success of the evening, the media success can’t go unnoticed either. We were noticed by the local newspaper ED with a small snippit that went under the radar for a while. They also shared an amazing (Dutch) article by Nathalie Damen, which she wrote for indebuurt, but can be seen on ED online here as well. Furthermore the event got picked up by Thisiseindhoven, Nederlands Film Festival, Konkav, We Are Public, and more!

The conclusion of all this: We can’t just leave it there. Flickers will return.

(Check Instagram for some video footage as well)


ECHOES - Sem Beex
De stilte vanuit zijn kant was zo luid dat ik dacht dat het drie bedden in mij bezet hield - Chiara Pastoor
Real Love Baby - Tim Gersen
I Dream my Dream - Monique van Kerkhof/ Bo Oudendijk
No Service - Bram Ruiter
Walkers - Philip Lüschen
My Phone Needs to Charge - Tobi Springer
OQQI - Okki Poortvliet
Portrait of a Burning Soul - Finn Schouten/ Kay Dekkers
Zure Melk - Yasemin Kevser

Together with Broet we had an edition of flickers that went back to the core: watching films and discussing them with their makers.
Cut! Night x Flickers was an evening of Dutch cinema. 10 films were screened and 8 of the films were presented by their makers. With again almost a hundred people in the audience and an overwhelmingly positive reaction, it’s safe to say that Flickers was a succes again.

Third time will be bigger, bolder, and even better!
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